” The fear is coming from the the CBEA and CBESPA”

Karin Majewski CBSD Middle School Teacher

WokePA Pennsylvania is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our students. We are also dedicated to ensuring that all students receive a quality education. That’s why we support the rights of teachers to make decisions about their own classrooms without fear of retaliation from their union.

We believe that teachers should be able to teach freely in their classrooms, without fear of retribution for teaching something that may not align with what the unions believe is appropriate for our children. The National Education Association has been silencing teachers and making them afraid for their jobs by threatening them with disciplinary action if they don’t toe the union party line. This is unacceptable!

The National Education Association (NEA) supported lockdowns during the Covid-19 Pandemic which led to learning loss and our children missing in-person learning, now they are supporting sexualized books in our schools and the grooming of minor children. Just follow the money.

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A Special Thanks To Union Choice For School Workers For providing much of the information.

Shocking Statements By Teachers’ Union Leaders – In Their Own Words

Know Your Rights

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