This packet isThis packet is from a 9th-grade class at New Hope Solebury School District. We at WOKEPA see this as unnecessary. No wonder mental health and anxiety in kids are at an all-time high. Please get involved locally in your school district to ensure your thoughts on these topics are heard. If schools want “diversity” and “inclusion,” then they will also include the opinions of parents who disagree with this. Letting the board and administration know that their job is not to indoctrinate our youth doesn’t mean you are trans/homophobic! Labels and Doxing is a tactic they use to silence you.

The bluest eye, By Toni Morrison:

Available at: New Hope-Solebury High School

pg. 162-163

He put his head down and nibbled at the back of her leg. His mouth trembled at the firm sweetness of the flesh. He closed his eyes, letting his fingers dig
into her waist. The rigidness of her shocked body, the silence of her stunned throat, was better than Pauline’s easy laughter had been. The confused mixture of his memories of Pauline and the doing of a wild and forbidden thing excited him, and a bolt of desire ran down his genitals, giving it length, and softening the lips of his anus. Surrounding all of
this lust was a border of politeness. He wanted to fuck her—tenderly. But the tenderness would not hold. The tightness of her vagina was more than he could bear. His soul seemed to slip down to his guts and fly out into her, and the gigantic thrust he made into her then provoked the only sound she made—a hollow suck of air in the back of her throat. Like the rapid loss of air from a circus balloon. Following the disintegration—the falling away—of sexual desire, he was conscious of her wet, soapy hands on his wrists, the fingers clenching, but whether her grip was from
a hopeless but stubborn struggle to be free, or from some other emotion, he could not tell. Removing himself from her was so painful to him he cut it short and snatched his genitals out of the dry harbor of her
vagina. She appeared to have fainted. Cholly stood up and could see only her grayish panties, so sad and limp around her ankles. Again the hatred mixed with tenderness. The hatred would not let him pick her up, the tenderness forced him to cover her

pg. 166

And since he was too diffident to confront homosexuality, and since little boys were insulting,
scary, and stubborn, he further limited his interests to little girls. They were usually manageable and frequently seductive.

pg. 181

The little girls. The little girls are the only things I’ll miss. Do you know that when I touched their sturdy little tits and bit them—just a little—I felt I was being friendly? I didn’t want to kiss their mouths or sleep in the bed with them or take a child bride for my own. Playful, I felt, and friendly. Not like the newspapers said. Not like the people whispered. And they didn’t mind at all. Not at all. Remember how so many of them came back? No one would even try to understand that. If I’d been hurting them, would they have come back? Two of them, Doreen and Sugar Babe, they’d come together. I gave them mints, money, and they’d eat ice cream with their legs open while I played with them. It was like a party. And there wasn’t nastiness, and there wasn’t any filth, and there wasn’t any odor, and there wasn’t any groaning—just the light white laughter of little girls and me.

Gender Queer, by Maia Kobabe

This book is available at New Hope-Solebury High School

Strong themes of sexual abuse, drug addiction and child prostitution.

This is a young adult sexually explicit graphic biography of a young female who wants to be male but has to figure out how to incorporate her female body into that idea. It has depictions of her masturbating while pretending to be male and imagining she has a penis that’s receiving oral sex. It includes images of male homosexual behavior, which this young female wants to be a part of.
CLASSIFICATION: Young Adult Nonfiction

This book has been pulled from Fairfax County, Virginia public schools, and Atlanta, Georgia public schools, and Orlando, Florida public schools.

GENDER QUEER: 5 pages from the book shown below

Below, the girl is drawn to look convincingly like a teen boy while her sister persuades her to taste her vaginal fluid.

The below image portrays the girl’s mental image of her internal struggles being stuck in a body she does not identify with and portrays her “psychological horror”.

The below image shows her wishes to be a male sexually engaging with another male and daydreaming about male arousal.

The below image is about a webcomic called ERIKA MOENs featuring purchasing sex toys and explaining their first organism as their most vivid. The reader is encouraged to get a vibrator as she is not sure she ever had an organism.

The below image discusses how a male masturbates and leads to hip thrusting while thinking of the male genitalia, and about “rubbing one out” while driving and daydreaming of getting a blow job.

LAWN BOY, by Jonathan Evison

This book is available at New Hope-Solebury High School

The book contains descriptively explicit sexual material (i.e., chapters 5,7, 23) and is disparaging toward Native Americans and Mexicans with many racial slurs (i.e., chapters 6, 8, 23). Please read chapter 10 and see for yourself.

TTYL by Lauren Myracle

This Book is Available at New Hope-Solebury High School

Sexual Content

Pg.7 our seats are right next to each other, and tonight when I do my homework, I’m gonna fantasize about his summer sausage nudge nudge wink wink.

Did he stare at your boobs? Who Mr. age? Maddie and I had him for journalism last year, and he was always staring at some girl’s boobs, mostly Maddy’s. He makes a big deal of being a Christian, but what that means is that he’s majorly sexually repressed. Whereas I, on the other hand, I’m not sexually repressed at all. Speaking of better start practicing for Rob. Bye

Pg.11 well she said that Margaret… Her… Ejaculates. Well, actually she said she squirts when she comes. And then she was like, shit, I can’t believe I told you.

Pg.14 In other words he stared at your boobs and lectured you about the sins of your body? No that’s not at all what happened. Pg. 15 Like he didn’t want her to get herpes of the mouth or anything. She said he got a total Stiffie while they were talking, she said it was hysterical.

Pg.23 Did he bite his lower lip? No, but he bit mine! The boy can kiss!

Pg.28 I’ve got another meeting with Mr. H tomorrow and I’m kind of freaking. I really wanna impress them. No sweat. Just wear tight shirt and I’ll give you, my name. Wanna let me one of yours? Sure! I was kidding Angela. Hey if you’ve got it flaunt it that’s what my mom says that’s sick.

Pg.33 Back scratching trains is how Christian boys cop a feel.

Pg. 34 & 35 still talking about an affair between Zoe and her teacher Mr. H even though it’s not really happening.

Pg.39 I think he may be the one. The one what? The one I go all the way with! Making love with Rob would be amazing, I just know it. And how, exactly, do you know it? Cuz at least I’ve done more than kiss a guy, that’s hell.

Pg. 40 skank

Pg.45 & 49 superficial psycho-slut

Pg. 46 at least she cut back on the devirginization business

Pg. 52 you’re comparing me to a chick who doesn’t shave your pubes?

Pg. 59 Zoe, or Angela and I going to have to hire a D programmer to come rescue from some cabin? Are you going to become Mr. H’s love slave?

Pg. 60 Did I tell you I saw Rob grab Tonnie’s ass on the way to the keg?

Pg.68 when Carl Balkin Was sitting in the back guffawing with his buds about all the action, he got with some freshman check.

PG. 78 and 79 saw you at Carl’s party with Rob did you get some? Get some what? What do you think? And then she goes or was it Tonie who got lucky?

PG. 93 and 94 talking about Mr. H again

Pg.139 He still hasn’t he’s like a snuggle king, which is nice, but I’m ready for more. I’m a growing girl. I have needs, dammit! Or put on crotchless panties and do a lap dance for him. I know that makes me sound like a slut and I really don’t mean it like that.

Pg. 149 talking about their Halloween costumes and Angela is going to be a dust bunny and Zoe says OMG only you would find a way to sex up a dust bunny. Angela says hey there big boy wants me to nibble your carrot. Then Zoe tells me to gorgeous trick-or-treater hey there big boy want me to give you jock itch? Angela says mall doesn’t offer as many opportunities for seduction, that’s true. Perhaps if you offered to Itch his Jock.

Pg.156 oh you wouldn’t like it. What about when Margaret called you a lezbo. Margaret called Jenne a lezbo? I wasn’t there but apparently it was in PE one day last week. Jenne was strutting around the locker room, I guess she was naked, and Margaret asked if she was a lesbian. And it made everyone crack up. Jenne said oh sweet, coming from you. You’re the biggest lezbo around, always staring at me and laughing at everything I say.

Pg.160 except I hadn’t heard the lesbo remark, which kind of throws a new spin on things. Well, yeah. I’m talking about the whole shirt thing. Because if Janna wanted to get back at Maddie, you think she do something that didn’t involve, like, a girl doing a striptease. Because what does that say about Janna you know?

Pg.164 and they can call each other lezbo‘s all day long if that’s what gets them off.

Pg.172 Talking about Mr. H again. Well, did you have any romantic moments? Meaningful glances, knee touches, that sort of thing? She explained how they talked and then Angela says verbal foreplay. Then Zoe says, he did mention that he’s housesitting for Greg Kravitz parents and that there’s an outdoor hot tub. He kind of hinted around that maybe I could come over one night, and we could gaze at the stars. Angela says in a hot tub, in your bathing suit or maybe in your Nudie pants.

Pg.173 it’s November of course your pal. I am too, although it hardly matters since I’m not going hot tubbing with my lusty young buck of an English teacher. But we haven’t even discussed your thong possibilities! Yikes, you better start doing your butt exercises.

Pg.176 Janna sent pictures. She sent out an email with pictures from that frat party. They were of Maddie dancing on the table, and she was naked from the waist up. Shit. Someone took pictures. Apparently so. And apparently it was Jenne the subject line was lezbo slut.

Pg.182 Zoe was talking to Mr. H about the hot tub, and he says you can wear your bikini. Zoe is talking to Angela at first, I thought he was just teasing me, and I said, yeah, right, me in a bikini. Wouldn’t that be a lovely site. His eyes kind a dipped over my body, and he said, it would indeed be a lovely site. I’ve been looking forward to it. Zoe, you have got to get over this humble pie thing and open your eyes. He is hitting on you. Mr. H is hitting on you.

Pg.184 did you hear what happened in 6th period How Brandt Sims offered her 10 bucks for a peep show?

Pg. 186 Talking about Mr. H again he whispered that he liked my dress he was getting a sparkling apple juice and strawberries and chocolate. Only I’m pretty sure I don’t want to go anymore.

Pg.188 if I hear one more joke about Maddie and the gold club or Maddie charging admission or Maddie being a titty tease, I’m going to scream.

Pg.197 talking about Mr. H again Maddie and Angela rescue Zoe at the hot tub. Mr. H was in speedo ‘s and moving in close to Zoe when they showed up.

ALL BOYS AREN’T BLUE, By George M. Johnson:

This book is available as an eBook

This book is for YOUNG ADULTS, not minors.

It is a series of essays and includes a boy being sexually assaulted by another boy. In the chapter “Boys will be Boys”, Johnson discusses molestation at the hands of his cousin, and the difficulty of balancing personal trauma with feeling the need to protect the harm-doer when they are close to the victim. This book is an “AMAZON Best Book of the Year” book.

This is the book referenced by Mom’s for Liberty at a North Penn school district school board meeting in Fall 2021. It is in their elementary schools.

Page 236 “Nervous and drunk, I listened and got on my stomach. He got on top and slowly inserted himself into me. It was the worst pain I had ever felt in my life”

Page 231 “He reached his hand down and pulled out my dick. He quickly went to giving me head. I just sat back and enjoyed as I could tell he was too.”

Page 232 “After a few minutes of fun and games, he got up and went to his nightstand, where he pulled out a condom and some lube. He then lay down on his stomach. I knew what I had to do even if I had never done it before. I had one point of reference, though, and that was seven-plus years of pornography”

Page 233 “I remember the condom was blue and flavored like cotton candy. I put some lube on and got him up on his knees, and I began to slide into him from behind”

BEYOND MAGENTA, by Susan Kuklin

This book is available at New Hope-Solebury High School

Strong sexually explicit content includes pedophilia, which is still a crime in the USA.

The 2014 book, Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out, features first-person interviews with six transgender or gender-neutral young adults conducted by US author Susan Kuklin.

This book contains Descriptions of violent behavior, graphic sexual content and pedophilia.

This includes pushing over a pregnant teacher and justifying that behavior (pg 119).

This book also contains graphic descriptions of oral sex being given by children as young as 6 years old. “From six up, I used to kiss other guys in my neighborhood, make out with them, and perform oral sex on them. I liked it. I used to love oral. And I touched their you-know-what’s. We were really young but that’s what we did.” -pg 113.

“This guy got me to perform oral sex on him. I thought I was doing the right thing by performing on him. But I Wasn’t. He was just abusing me. He had total mind control over me………. We finally got caught in the act, and I was very happy because I wanted it to stop. I think the directors were worried that they could get sued because they kept telling me in was consensual. It wasn’t consensual at all” (pg 122)

On page 123 it talks about 14-year-old Mariah being asked by a 17-year-old student for oral sex. The passage reads “well, one time he approached me. He said I’m told you’re really good at head. I was freaked out. I was excited. I was like oh my god. He said Well why don’t you do that on me. I said I would, but I have to go to work right now. When I come back, I will do it” (pg 123-124)

33 SNOWFISH, by Adam Rapp

Strong themes of Sexual abuse, drug addiction and child prostitution

This book is available at New Hope-Solebury High School

Custis, a homeless boy, Curl, a fifteen-year-old drug-addicted prostitute, and her boyfriend Boobie, who just killed his own parents, are on the run from the police with a baby, Boobie’s little brother.  They are all set out to make a better life, regardless of their past. 

When you have nowhere to go, whom do you turn to? Custis does not have parents.  He has been living with Bob Motley, who has been sexually abusing him over a period of time and forces him to participate in pornographic films with other children. Custis decides to run, but he has nowhere really to run to.  While collecting quarters on the street near an arcade he notices a strange boy with black eyes named Boobie.  The two meet and become friends.  They make a home in the woods and are soon joined by Curl, Boobie’s fifteen-year-old girlfriend who is addicted to drugs and prostitutes herself in order to survive.  After Boobie inexplicably murders his parents, he grabs his baby brother in hopes of selling him to the highest bidder.  The four of them hit the road, running from the police and doing anything they can to survive.

A haunting and depressing story that shows an unfiltered view of three children who have been forced to live lives they did not deserve. Through all the pain and suffering, these characters display a human quality that is actually quite beautiful.  The overall underlying message of the story is really amazing as each character gets the opportunity for redemption.  It should be noted that there is a lot of offensive language, though the language fits the context of the story. There is no easy way out in this story, the reader must work for it, and I have to say, I really appreciated this aspect as it leaves the reader with a message to reflect on.

OUT OF DARKNESS, by Ashley Hope Perez

This book is available at New Hope-Solebury High Schoo

This book contains sexual content such as child rape, child abuse, masturbation, and pornography. It includes bigotry, racism and extreme violence. The book is VERY detailed, vivid, and graphic. There are descriptions of the main character being sexually abused by her father. After the girls’ mother dies, her Pastor encourages her to marry her stepfather as a child. Explicit Language include racial slurs such as the “N” word and “dirty Mexican,”.

PEDOPHILIA is a crime in the USA and those who approved this book should be considered for termination.

Quotes from The books include:

“The boys among us had no trouble moving past the plain clothes and laying down plans. Take her out back, we boys figured, then: hand on the titles; put it in her coin box; put it in her cornhole; grab a hold of that braid”

“He shifted his pajamas, and the part of him that made him a man stuck out, reddish purple and frightening. She had never seen one before except on a baby. This was different. He lifted her hand to his Mouth and licked it. Then he lowered her hand down and closed it around the hardness. His hand moved hers……she watched her hand move back and forth like it didn’t belong to her”

“His hands opened her thighs, and then he was touching her with his mouth, kissing warmth, wetness. She might have been ashamed but she wasn’t. She was alive, trembling alive”

The book goes on to get worse, it has multiple, comprehensive instructions on giving “hand jobs” with an adult male teaching a teen girl, female masturbation justified for pain relief and mental escape by the girl being sexually abused by her stepfather. Male masturbation by stepfather and females love interest. Later in the book, the author teaches young-adult males how to “go down” and give girls a “gift.”

LILY AND DUNKIN, by Donna Gephart

This book is available at New Hope-Solebury Middle School

This book has been banned from public schools across America for its strong sexual content, issues of bullying, rebellion against the police, and not taking bipolar medications.

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie

This book is available at New Hope-Solebury Middle School

Strong themes of sexual abuse,

Pg.24 “I spent hours in the bathroom with a magazine that has one thousand pictures of naked movie stars. Naked woman+right hand= happy happy joy joy” the whole page is about masturbation

Pg. 67 the guys was in love with computers and there is a comparison about having sex with one not in detail

Pg. 70 and71 Books should give you boners then talk about how books should give you a metaphorical boner

There are a lot of sexual innuendos

Pg. 152 Rowdy calls Junior a tree fag then tells him he likes to stick his dick in the knotholes. Junior replies he sticks his dick in the girl trees

TTFN by Lauren Myracle

This Book is Available at New Hope-Solebury High School

Sexual Content/Heavy or Sensitive Content

Pg.7 Ah, well. We’ll go to the reception and drink away our troubles, cuz that’s what my family does. Angela says that blows my mind that you can drink right there with them. Maddie says it’s cause we’re Irish. It’s the law. Well, they won’t be the ones actually giving me beers. I’ll leave it up to my crazy aunts and uncles. And it won’t be beer it’ll be champagne.

Pg.11 Maddie is hung over after the wedding.

Pg.12 brought up Mr. H. Maddie says About what? About the fact that you almost had an affair with your horny English teacher. How about his whole Christianity kick, can I joke about that? Yeah, I got admit, its great material. It’s not very often that a guy he’s got to try and lure in the girls.

Pg.13 Maddie tells her mom she loves being single and her mom says are you telling me you’re a slut? And then her mom yells out to all her aunts and uncles in this really loud voice someone brings me another drink my little girl’s a slut.

Pg. 15 Zoe saw Angela ‘s dad at Starbucks with another woman and Angela ‘s parents are having issues right now. The girls are suspicious that he’s having an affair.

Pg.17 Zoe says it blows my mind that her mom would call her a slut and she would think it’s funny Angela says she said her mom was drunk though. So, he says which makes it even more mind blowing do you get drunk with your mom?

Pg.18 Zoe ‘s talking about Maddie and says I know Maddie thinks that’s fine the typical Maddie it’s no big deal approach but sometimes I think she’s putting up a front. I mean when you fool around with somebody its Hass to mean something doesn’t it? I don’t agree with the whole friends with benefits philosophy

Pg. 32 tiny is a case. Today in health, she asked how many calories are in a tablespoon of sperm. Do you want to know the answer? Nine. Zoe says I am never giving any wanna blow job, not even my husband. Maddie says bullshit you totally will. Prude prude prude. When you find the person who makes you glow, you’ll go down on him quick as a wink. And then he’ll glow. You’ll blow He’ll glow.

Pg.33 Angela took a bike ride to clear her head about moving and she said that it helped it’s not like I’m leaping up and down for joy, but I don’t feel quite so suicidal anymore.

Pg.36 Angela told her parents that Zoe thought her dad was having an affair. They both laughed and told Angela to tell her that they have a very fulfilling sex life.

Maddie talking to Zoe good morning to you on this lovely day of giving thanks, which would be far lovelier if not the taste of sour beer wafting about my tonsils. Oh, baby can you say cottonmouth? That was so much fun. I kissed chive on the washing machine did I tell you?

Pg.38 I’m gonna let that side because at least I’m getting some.

Pg.41 I was so wasted I fell off the toilet seat.

Pg.42 they’re just friends. Anyway, you were drunk.

Pg.59 Maddie told Angela she’s already going to watch OC with chive and they’re going to down a shot every time Seth looks longingly at summer. Then we’re gonna watch full house for that one we drink every time that obnoxious kid Kimmy shows up.

Pg.60 ok this is embarrassing. I don’t know how to say it. But have you ever heard of girls, like, pleasuring themselves by jiggling their legs? And the term is masturbating Zoe, you can say it mad-tur-bat-ing. Zoe says FYI, I don’t do that. Sometimes I wish I could, but I can’t, so that’s that. Yes, I can pleasure myself quite nicely, thank you very much. And I’m only telling you that because you’re one of my dearest friends on the planet. But don’t go asking for lessons. Zoe says oh cross “X! Are you going to explain what brought this up in the first place? What’s this jiggling their legs business?

Pg.62 I don’t want to be repressed I just think I don’t know that some girls are more so naturally sexual than others like you.

The four of us were out by the pool, which was close, but we climbed over the fence. And Whitney was like I’ll kiss chive and you kiss Brennan, OK? It turned into this total horn dog Macking session with my brush of the app and his hands all over me and now he won’t quit IMing me. He’s like do you want to go to the movie. Do you wanna go out for coffee?

Pg.66 Maddie is telling Angela that she smoked pot for the first time. On page 67 she goes into more detail about her night and how she felt smoking pot. She said I seriously had some wild sensations. It made everything blurry around the edges, if that makes sense. Like the boundaries of the world were melting away, and all these undercurrents of life or swirling around us. And I could see them, that’s what made it so cool.

Pg.72 Maddy’s becoming a stoner she tried it. She really has. Zoe says tried pot. Angela says yes pot weed ganja doobage gank.

Pg.74 Maddie and Zoe talking. Maddie says I heard Doug say something disturbing u can kiss me if you want little boys need lots of kisses. What kind of games are you playing? Please don’t tell me you pretend to be his mommy. Please don’t tell me you don’t spank his iddle-widdle bottom. Zoe says Maddie gross, it’s an inside joke from work.

Pg.75 dude, you got my message? Zoe phone’s on vibrate, otherwise I would have. Maddie ooo, vibrate. Is it as good as your special chair?

Pg.95 dude! Chive gave me a nickel bag of pot to celebrate the birth of Christ. I gave him a cool marble pipe.

Pg.96 still Angela and Maddie talking Angela says her this mean that you’ve learned how to do it so that it doesn’t hurt? The pot? Maddie says I wouldn’t say that, exactly. That’s why I bought the pipe it’s supposed to make it smoother ride. But anything I’ll get better the more you do it right? By the way chive says you can score some really good pot in California so keep your eye out for me. Yeah, that’s all I need to get busted for drugs. Maddie says wine wine wine. Nobody actually gets busted for Buying pot. They only hassle you if you’re a big-time cocaine dealer or something. Angela says OMG you haven’t tried cocaine, have you? Maddie says Angela chill. Pat is my drug of choice, thank you very much.

Pg.97 Listen I gotta go I’ve got a stash my pot somewhere, so my mom’s won’t find it. I’m thinking the box from the set of thank you notes you gave me, but we were 13 ones I throw out the actual cards that is.

Pg.101 Zoe and Angela talking Angela says and Maddie already left her aunt’s house. She was planning on taking her stash with her, did she tell you? Her stash? Of what? Angela says a pot that’s what chive gave her for Christmas. So, he says is she actually gonna smoke it? Oh man Angela. I think it’s really bad that she’s getting high in normal situation’s. Angela says she said it’s a coping mechanism based on years a family tradition, just that her relatives use alcohol instead of pot, and then she was like, not that I have anything against alcohol, don’t get me wrong.

Pg.105 Angela and Maddie are talking Angela asked Maddie if chive and Whitney or an item. Maddie says I guess, although they can’t be that serious, because sometimes chive and I stuff all around. Like yesterday we were on a beer run, and at the stoplight he just leaned over and kissed me out of the blue. A long kiss.

Pg.106 did you smoke the bag of pot he gave you? As a matter fact I did. Do you a problem with that? It’s just part Angela nobody’s gonna get hurt from a little pot.

Pg.108 Zoe and Maddie talking Zoe Mads happy new year! Oh, if you say so can we talk later? I’m kind of hurting here. Harding how? Are you hung over? Maybe just a tad.

Pg.109 Zoe talking to Maddie Doug, and I kissed. We kept kissing and kissing and kissing and kissing. And it’s not like I was swept away or anything but at the same time I didn’t stop him you know I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Anyway, we somehow ended up with both our shirts practically off but not completely. They were just pushed up really high. And I wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. Maddie says and in the church basement no less. First Mr. H now Doug you give religion a whole new meaning. Husseys for Christ will call it. I Zoe says what if Doug thinks I’m a hussy? What if he woke up this morning it was like there’s something wrong with her? Maddie says Zoe you’re so insane I can hardly stand it. I’m sure he went home with a Stiffie, while visions of Zoe danced in his head. So, he says I just wish I didn’t feel guilty why do I feel guilty? Maddie says I have no idea. All you did is full around. Oh, do you think you made his scrotum tighten? And Zoe says don’t reference that part of his body ever again. Maddie says dog has a scrotum dog has a scrotum!

Pg.113 Angela and Maddie are talking Maddie‘s talking about the concert she went to she says anyways chive bought us all beers with his fake, so we were very happy. At least until chives spilled his on a guy in front of us who happen to be bald.

Pg.117 Angela is going to drink champagne and watch Cinderella story

Pg.124 Angela and Maddie talking about what Angela is going to wear her first day of school and she says maybe her slutwear, a tight sweater that is off the shoulder. Or a white sweater she calls her Pamela Anderson shirt cause it makes her boobs look big. Maddie says a slutty impression and Angela says no I am into looking hot but classy, not like a whore. Maddie tells Angela Zoe is worried Doug thinks she is a whore because they got down and dirty in the church basement.

Pg.132 Zoe and Angela are talking, and Zoe is telling Angela about her first day with dog and how they fold around more than they should’ve. Zoe says I didn’t know it would be this complicated the physical stuff I mean. Angela says just remember that as much as it pains me to say it, it really is OK to fool around or kiss or whatever you wanna call it. Bodies are meant to do that. And there’s a difference between fooling around and hooking up.

Pg.138-140 this is Zoe and Angela talking Zoe says Maddie thinks I am. She thinks I’m a prude. Angela says no offense but compared to Maddie anyone would be. Oh, Zoe says sometimes I worry she’s right though. Like with dad, I still get nervous about all the body stuff. I can never just let go and enjoy it, not all the way Angela says so when you say you can’t just let go and enjoy it. Does that mean things have been progressing? Zoe says well dog wants them to I keep kind of redirecting him. Why do I have to be this way? It’s like I’m stuck in my stupid head, thinking, crap did I shave? Do I smell? Or my breast too small? Is my butt too big? An even worse it doesn’t have to do with peeing noises it has to do with other noises. Angela says other noises. Oh, like body noises you mean. Like slurps and squelches? Oh, wait if you are worried about noises then you guys must have gone pretty far.

Zoe says below the shirt, below the underwear. But just barely. Angela says his are yours? Zoe says oh both. Angela says Zoe you’re not a prude in fact I’d say you’re turning into a sex guru shit girl you’re going to outpace us all.

Pg.141 Zoe and Angela talking as always as I want to tell you something I’m not sure if you can handle it. Angela says OMG did you have sex? Zoe says of course not!

Pg.146 Zoe and Maddie are talking, and Maddie is stoned and saying weird things and Zoe doesn’t like it.

Pg.149-151 Zoe is telling Maddie that she thinks that smoking pot is wrong. They are fighting up and Maddie brought up Zoe fooling around with Doug.

Pg.151-154 Maddie and Angela are talking about the whole blowup between Maddie and Zoe. So, they’re talking about her getting high and the experiences.

Pg.160 Zoe is talking to Maddie because Maddie dared Zoe to tell someone to shut the hell up and Zoe said she said it to Chase Dickinson. He was talking to Kurt Mannheim in French about all kinds of disgusting stuff that’s what started it. He was all my reps getting pathetic because I haven’t had sex in over a month. And that’s why I need a girlfriend someone older who can teach me stuff. Someone who will give me head. Maddie says there’s no way any girl would have sex with him. And Zoe says Kurt said stop people can hear you and she says Zoe? She doesn’t even know what giving head means. Then he poked me in the back and goes do you Zoe do you know what giving head means?

Pg.162 Zoe and Maddie are talking and bring up Mr. H again. So, he tells Maddie I saw Mr. H with Cameron Bryant today by the way I kind of freaked me out. He was leaning close and smiling at her like he used to smile at me. Maddie says you know what I heard from a senior that every year Mr. H has a special female student that he pays a lot of attention to. You Gotta be glad that you have dog, and a dog is in pervy like Mr. H. Then Zoe says you know what else she says that he used to have this girl he hung out with her give him head for over an hour is that possible? Maddie says now that’s just silly. Blowjob should not last over 30 minutes.

Pg.163 now Zoe is talking to Angela and tells her how he saw Mr. H hitting on Cameron Bryant.

Pg.165 Zoe and Angela are talking and Zoe‘s telling her about the prank that they pulled on Mr. H. They stuck a bumper stickers all over his car with superglue. They say stick and stones will break my bones but whips and chains excite me. I’d rather be spanked. Ass pirate. IHeart llamas. Jesus loves you but I am his favorite.

Pg.168 Maddie is daring Zoe again. Maddie said she needs to embrace her sexuality that she needs to glue to marshmallows on the outside of her shirt at her nipple area. And go to the mall. Maddie said she’ll Collett the great marshmallow nipple dares.

Pg.174-175 Maddie is talking to Angela and telling Angela about the dare and how the day went at the mall.

Pg.176-178 Angela and Zoe are talking, and Angela said what were you hiding under your covers? So, he says well actually I was under the covers, but they weren’t mine. And I wasn’t exactly hiding. Zoe says she felt liberated after the dare, and she drove to Doug’s house and his mom wasn’t home. We had the whole house to ourselves. No Angela we didn’t have sex. But we went further than we’ve ever gone before, and the best part is I just let myself enjoy it. I was like wow I never knew my body could feel like that. I know it sounds retarded. Angela says it doesn’t sound retarded it sounds you know like a good thing.

Pg.189 Zoe asks Angela where to get some sexy lingerie Because her parents will be out and dogs coming over. Angela says is it something you plan to model for him, or will it just be a delightful surprise beneath your clothes? Zoe says I’m not going to model it for him! No no no. Just something nice for one way… You know. Angela says then I’d say it’s time to go for the Fong Zoe. Zoe says a fun. That sounds so scary. I don’t you have to have a really good but to wear a thong? You do have to have a really good pet. Luck, here’s the criteria for a thong firm but preferably tan? No dimples? No unruly hairs. Do you meet the requirements? Zoe you Angela. Does anyone really have hair on their butt?

Pg.190 Angela says well not sprouting from the cheeks or anything. I’m talking about from within the crevice. So good. You don’t have butt hair you can cross that off the list. Now, for the firmness element. Cups hands in the air as if squeezing I don’t think you have a any problem there. Zoe says oh my God. I’m getting so nervous just talking about this. But OK-athon. Maybe. What about on top? Angela says just get a good push-up bra with a little lace or ribbon on it. You’ll be able to find one to match the thong.

Pg.192 Angela says well I’ve started cutting myself. Just FYI. Maddie says you’re right. You can’t stand the sound of your pulse, but I suppose to believe you could slice your skin and watch your blood is out? Angela you should go into counseling Maddie. Angela says maybe I’ll start slow and build up. This girl in my math class uses a pink eraser to rub raw spots on the inside of her arm. I could manage that, I bet. Angela says did Zoe ever make it to Victoria secrets. Maddie says oh baby. She just popped by to show me her purchase and their sexcellent. The bra is this filmy thing with lace and a little rosebud in the center and she did in fact get a thong. The thong has the same little rosebud thing going on as the bra. And Angela says my mom says the key to a successful marriage is wearing pretty underwear.

Pg.194 Angela says my aunt gave me some good advice to lean over when you’re putting your bra on and really jiggle your boobs in the place. So many women have an extra inch of cleavage that remains underutilized. It’s over your armpits you just have to shove it in the place. Maddie armpit Cleveland to lovely. Angela says I just want to know you’re wrong about me. I may not be able to stand the sound of my pulse but I’m quite fine with needles as it turns out. I am saying that I’ve pierced my nose and my nipple, and I did it myself in my own bathroom. *Proudly thrust out boob* Maddie says you should be saying this to Zoe if you want shock and if you’re going for a shock value you should tell her you pierced your labia.

Pg.195 Zoe and Angela are talking Angela says I pierced my labia. Zoe says what? Angela says I pierced my labia I got the sudden urge I don’t even know why so I walked into a body art salon, and I just went for it. Zoe says OMG did it hurt? Angela says a little yeah well OK a lot, but I was very brave. In fact, the guy who did the piercing said I was the bravest of anyone he’s done. Zoe says a guy, did it? Why Angela? Angela says because he was the only person there, he does tattoos to do you think I should get a tattoo. And this was all a joke.

Pg.198 Zoe and Maddie are talking about the Saturday night she’s having dog over Maddie says it’s cause you’re having impure thoughts. Just think, Heather Saturday you’ll be a soiled dove. Zoe Maddie now. I told you already we’re not having sex. Maddie says who? Zoe says me and Doug we’re not ready. Maddie, you say you’re not ready but what happens when the passion of the moment overtakes you? Do you have a condom just in case? Zoe oh and where am I supposed to get a condom? Do you think I’m just gonna march into the drugstore and stop I’m not having a Convo! Doug and I are gonna have a lovely romantic evening together, and maybe will fall around and maybe we won’t. But either way we’re not gonna have sex.

Pg.203 Maddie and Zoe talking Zoe what do you think I should wear. Maddie, I thought you were gonna wear your fancy underwear. Zoe but what about on top? I’m not gonna open the door in my bra in a thong. Zoe so what should I wear dogs going to be here in 20 minutes. Maddie your peasant blouse is one of those off the shoulder Delia‘s right I say wear that for easy access.

Pg.205 Angela ran away and took a greyhound to Atlanta and took her 2 1/2 days.

Pg.206 Maddie and Zoe are talking Maddie I got busted by pot Zoe. And I’m grounded hold on what are you grounded for? Zoe my parents came home early from the prom they walked in on me and Doug. Maddie oh no does that mean what I think it means? Zoe, it means that although I’m not a soiled dove, I came very close. It means that my mother saw way more of the dog than she ever wanted.

Pg.209 Angela and Zoe are talking Angela is telling her about how she ran away. Zoe actually I kind of know what you mean. Like after the marshmallow incident, when I decided to just say screw it to being the uptight me that I’ve always been. Although it is true that the uptight me would’ve never been caught naked in bed with my boyfriend.

Pg.213 Maddie and Zoe are talking, and Maddie is telling her about her drug bust. So, Brennan and I took off to downtown Atlanta and Brennan bought a nickel bag and we drove off. Five minutes later, I looked behind me and saw a police car. I didn’t think anything of it, other than remind myself again to get my damn license. They turned on their lights and believe their sirens and I about crapped my pants. I pulled over and the cops yanked me and Brennan out of the car. They had us lean up against the door and they Frisked us and put handcuffs on us. The guy we bought the pot from turned out to be a cop name Rudolph. And they did a license check on the computer and for some reason my license didn’t come up or maybe they just said it didn’t. So, the cop said to me why are you lying to us girl why are you lying. And it’s a long ass or they said that I could go but Brennan was going to be taken to jail. They told me that if I was caught out on the road again then I’d be taken to jail.

Pg.218 Zoe my mother saw my boyfriend’s naked butt.

It’s just so ridiculous, my mom coming home from the prom and catching me and Doug going at it. And poor dog he sent me an email saying he’s never shipping from my house again.

Pg.219 Zoe says here’s the thing we stopped because my mom barged in on us. And if she hadn’t. I don’t know what Would have happened. And that kind of scares me because as you know I wasn’t planning on that. Angela this time you really are talking about sex, right? Zoe, we didn’t even have condoms Angela it would’ve been bad. Angela, are you going to buy some for next time? Zoe there’s not gonna be a next time for a very long time. Zoe the whole night until my mom busted and was amazing. And my body wanted more and more and more. But deep down I’m just not ready.

Pg.225-226 call three girls talking Maddie says this calls for a Google whack! Angela what are you gonna try? Ground girlies? Zoe punished Paul’s. Angela caged cuties? Maddie OK stop. You’re starting to sound pornographic.

Pg.227 all three girls talking Zoe says anyways I just been thinking a lot about it…. And my honest prediction is that we will make love. (She’s talking about Doug)

Pg.228 Zoe just not anytime soon, obviously Maddie unless you do it in the supply closet add kidding around. Ion the other hand will not be getting any action in the near future cause I called chive from school’s payphone and told him that we’re done falling around.