Mein Kampf, By Adolf Hitler:

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Mein Kampf is an autobiographical work of Adolf Hitler, which would make you use your insights and challenge your patience from the very beginning till the end page. At some point, this book would need a bit of historical knowledge to understand the context and appreciate that fully. It is being said that every evil has a story and a story behind it that builds someone evil. A heartless individual is not always born that way, and there are always some external factors and circumstances leading them to do such mean works. Mein Kampf may vary from reader to read with not so similar points of view. For some of the readers, this book cannot at all justify his cruel actions and the tortures he had led to the people while for some everything he had faced and seen in his surroundings from his childhood made him the way he was. In the book, the most barbarian dictator in the history of mankind justified his actions with such molded words that would make you believe in each of them and compel you on thinking if his crimes were really justified.